Things You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Things You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

The quality of services from a moving company you choose will determine whether you will achieve an excellent or a bad move. It is, therefore, important to ask some questions before hiring. You need to have some information about the services offered by a professional moving company. Below are questions you can ask so that you can quickly evaluate the legitimacy of removal companies Gloucester offers.

Do they really exist?

Ask to see all the relevant documents needed for the company to operate legally. Proof of this eliminates the fears that you might be entrusting your possessions to the wrong people.

How long have they been in business?

An experienced team is what you need to have a smooth move.  When gauging experience, seek to know if the movers have offered services similar to what your relocation entails. There are different types of moving services; some companies specialise in a few of them.

Can they perform a pre-move survey?

Doing an inventory by yourself can be very challenging. It is easy to leave some things out. Having a professional from the moving company to do a pre-move survey will solve this problem. Good moving companies insist on pre-move surveys to thoroughly prepare for the actual move by evaluating the weight, fragility and bulk of the valuables to be moved. You also get a chance to ask more questions concerning your relocation.

Do they offer packing services?

Packing can be very tiring and time-consuming. It is an advantage if you can find a company offering packing services. Letting the professionals do the packing reduces the risk of damage and gives you the freedom to concentrate on other responsibilities.

Do they have trained staff members?

Trained movers have the needed skills to move your valuables safely and in good time. Knowing that those who will assist in your move have the skills required will give you peace of mind.

Do they have moving equipment?

The use of tools and equipment to lift and move your heavy furniture and other goods is a guarantee that there will be no damage. The vans and trucks used to transfer your assets should be in perfect condition. A good moving company has the necessary equipment and will have no hard time proving the same.

Do they have insurance?

You need to know if the insurance policy they have covers your most valuable items. If it doesn’t, you can consider having an insurance policy to cover them separately. Ask for a copy of the insurance policy they are using so that you can be more specific.

What is the method of payment?

Good moving companies accept most modes of payment. Do they accept your mode of payment? How safe is their payment method?

What happens if you cancel or change the moving dates?

Some situations can arise and force you to cancel or postpone the moving date. Seek to understand their cancellation policy and make sure you are okay with what it entails.

Getting answers to these questions is a good way of selecting the best moving company for your move. Make sure you are wholly convinced and comfortable with the company you choose.

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